Army SSG Andre Booker

Army SSG Andre Booker

Died August 19, 2011 while serving during Operation Enduring Freedom

30, of Huntsville Alabama; assigned to 2nd Engineers Battalion, WSMR, NM. Died August 19, 2011 of noncombat injuries.


  1. Aretha Sxon

    Thank you Mr. Booker for fighting to keep us free.

  2. Brother your never Forgotten!!!! Semper Fi

  3. Tay Hairston

    Rest In Paradise Dre, you will always @ forever be missed!!

  4. Mrs. Shanette Booker

    Oh my baby, my love, my everything…oh how I miss you so much Dre. Not a day goes by that I do not wish I could have that good morning hug, and that goodnight kiss. I miss seeing your bright smile lighting up the room as you walk into any room. Heaven has a very special angel now and I hope to you see you again real soon my love. I love you so much and miss you like crazy my Prince, and I will forever remember that “I am there you are here, and we are together, floating high above the skies on our love”.
    Lots of love hugs and kisses

  5. Harris

    Always fam. Too easy!

  6. Kynesha Dhanoolal

    R.I.P Andre. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your wife….and she misses you so much. Give my hubby Darren a big hug for me up there.

  7. Teresa Parrell-Greene

    Dre: You are truly missed and loved by many. Your memory will forever live on in that beautiful smile of yours. RIP my friend. Gone but NEVER forgotten!

  8. Teresa Lawrence

    Continue your peaceful rest in Paradise…

  9. Tyrice Riley

    From one service brother to another I would like you thank you for sacrifices the most precious gift GOD has given us to the country that GOD has given us…you left a extremely courageous and strong wife whom will Continue to live your life as you saw fit….fallen but never forgotton

  10. D. Mostiler

    How wonderful it must be to speak the language of the angels, with no words for hate and a million words for love! You are truly missed but never forgotten. Sleep well Dre!

  11. THELMA


  12. Dee Proctor

    Though I do not know you, I am grateful to you and men and women, US soldiers, who fight willingly when called to arms. You paid the ultimate price, an for that my family is forever grateful. May God bless your loved ones to heal. Thank you.

  13. Sala Brown

    Though I didn’t have the honor of knowing you that well, I want to thank-you for serving all of us. Your service and time will always be remembered and never forgotten. Rest in Peace

  14. Brenda Bennett

    I never got to meet this Brave Hero,but I know one day I will!I feel I know him through his beautiful wife Shanette.I know Dre has earned his wings of gold and is in God’s Mighty army!God Bless His Family!<3

  15. Mrs. Shanette Booker

    Happy Birthday my love…enjoy your day as you sit by the Lord’s side listening to the angels sing your praise. We will celebrate your special day honoring you Dre…
    till we are together again my love…continue to watch over all of us

  16. Happy Birthday Dre, We’ve never met but I too feel as if I know you through your wife Shanette. She has more than kept your memory alive. It is obvious that you’re more than just a hero, you are her Man! Fair winds and following seas my friend. (A traditional Navy/Marine Corps blessing)

  17. Brittany Jacobs

    Happy Birthday Andre! You are not forgotten. Im seriously in tears as I write this. Give my hubby a hello for me too 🙂 Hugs Shanette

  18. cheryl koehler

    Happy birthday brother. You are in heaven with my husband and you and Ed will forever be my are so missed by your wife and Family. But some wonderful day we will all be together again. GOD bless your family.thank you for all you gave for our country even though i find it so unfair. We as gold star wifes strive to make you all as proud of us as we are always Cheryl

  19. Sarah stanczyk

    Happy birthday!!! Cheers and don’t over do it, xoxo

  20. Katessa Brock

    Happy Birthday Dre…thank you for your service and your sacrifice for our country. God bless you and your family.

  21. Adela & Micah Shapiro

    Happy Birthday, Dre! Although I never met you, I’m honored to know your wife. God bless you for your service and sacrifice. Tell my husband I love him and miss him. Your memory will live on, we’ll never forget you.

  22. The Greer Family

    Thing about you often , miss u but happy for you that you are in Glory .

  23. Mrs. Shanette Booker

    1 year ago today, he asked that you take his hand and go with him. 1 year ago today you passed into heaven and said see you later to this world of dismay. 1 year ago today, my world was forever changed. I am saddened that you had to go Dre, you are the love of my life, you were my light in the darkness. I miss waking up knowing you were beside me, I miss seeing that wonderful sauve smile of yours, hearing you laugh as we joked, and hearing you say my name when you tell me you Love Me…I miss you so much baby and I am so thankful and so blessed for the time that we were able to share and spend together. As you sit up high on that cloud 😉 staring down up us, remember just how much our love meant to us and how much I miss you baby. Caramel Prince & Chocolate Princess forever…I am there you are here & we are together floating high above the skies on our love

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