Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Terry Joe Campbell

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Terry Joe Campbell

Died July 1, 2008 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom

25, of Amarillo Tx; Assigned to the USS Roosevelt, died July 1, 2008 of noncombat injuries.


  1. Savanah Byars

    Petty Officer 3rd class Campbell was known to me as Terry Joe. He is my cousin on my mother’s side. I was the only girl in our generation of family for 12 years. All the other boys teased and taunted me, hung me upside down or dunked me in the pool; but not Terry Joe. He was always the one you could sit quietly with and not have to worry about sneak attacks. Tomorrow marks the 5th anniversary that he was so violently taken from his family. They say that ‘time heals all wounds’. I don’t know who ‘they’ are but I would tell them that they are vey mistaken. No amount of time is going to heal the wounds left by his leaving us. All that time is going to do for us is teach us how to live with the pain of the wound. Terry Joe will always be missed by anyone who knew him, but he’ll always be remembered as a brave sailor and a wonderful cousin, son, brother, uncle and husband.

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