Army Spc David Isaiah LaDart

Army Spc David Isaiah LaDart

Died June 4, 2012 Serving during Operation Enduring Freedom
25, of West Monroe, Louisiana; Assigned to B Co, 12th Aviation Battalion, Fort Belvoir, Va. Died June 4, 2012 of combat PTSD related cause.


  1. Halee LaDart

    I was unaware of an error, and I appreciate the clarification though I do not know you sir. Now that the information has been updated correctly, may I request that these comments be removed out of respect for my husband and our family? I greatly appreciate AFWMP for allowing my husband to be honored through this page, but the focus should be on where he served rather than having people scroll down to see what he didn’t do while serving. I am proud of my husband for his service and for the sacrifices he made, the manner in which he died doesn’t make it any less honorable. Thank you.

    • Halee, please know we are grateful for your husband and his service and we honor him or his service and sacrifice.

  2. frank's mom

    Halee, your Mother in law, Debbie, bravely attended a special ceremony during which her son and your husband was honored and remembered in Tampa, FL. It was a beautiful day out, David must have been smiling down upon his mother…she was beeming with pride and love for her son. David is deeply missed, he always will be….he was truly an American Hero..a Soldier, a Husband, and a Son.

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