Army SSG Jason Andrew Matus

Army SSG Jason Andrew Matus

Died November 21, 2011
35, of Grass Valley, CA; Assigned to 571 Air Calvary as a combat medic, died November 21, 2011 due to combat PTSD related cause.


  1. Barbara Zielsdorf

    Thank you so much SSG Jason Matus for your ultimate sacrifice for our country. Prayers for all of your family and friends for God’s Blessings!

    • Ally Miller

      My little brother…I am so proud to be your big sister, I think of you every day, sometimes with tears, sometimes with a smile, but always with love!I wish there had been more time, I wish we had grown closer, most of all I wish you where here. I love you, you little brat! I always will!! And I wear my memorial tattoo with pride!

      • Ally Miller

        And the little scar on my chest that you gave me when you kicked me with your mountain boots on, so very very long ago..You where an destructive little guy, but to cute to stay mad at!

  2. I miss you J.

  3. Reese

    Land of the free because of the Brave!!

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