Marine Cpl. Gregory Robert Avila

Marine Cpl. Gregory Robert Avila

Died June 23, 2012
22 of Ronan, Montana; assigned to 2/4 H&S Company, died June 23, 2012 due to combat related PTSD cause.


  1. Yvette Rodriguez

    My son I love you and I miss you everyday. If life was different it should have been you taking care of my funeral not me doing it for you..

  2. Desoree Rogers

    the day you passed is a day that I will never forget. you and I had become very close in our friendship within the two weeks you were home. we talked about everything. I will never forget you telling me that when I went back to MS. that you were going to send me the money to bring myself and my oldest son Alexander home. I wished Alex could have met you. you were an amazing person. I miss you Greg!! I miss our talks, I miss your smile. I miss playing flip cup with you lol. take care up there my friend and keep on watching over your family and friends. your mother, I may not see her much but she misses you dearly. her and John both are great people and they need you to watch over them right now. let them know you are here. love you Greg!!
    p.s. every time I see a buck…I think of you.

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