Build it NOW – Kansas City!




Build it NOW – Kansas City! – is the resounding marketing theme for the construction of a National Memorial to honor the unselfish men and women of our Armed Forces who with honor and valor sacrificed their lives during the ongoing War on Terror for our freedom, liberty, and the American tradition.

These Fallen Warriors and their families have personally impacted our lives, and they continue to inspire and motivate us daily. We made a promise to their families we would make sure they and the many others who have made the ultimate sacrifice have a suitable place of honor. It is our duty as a nation to make sure we NEVER forget.

NOW is the time to build and honor these exemplary American military heroes. Presently, there is not a national initiative for a National Memorial honoring our Fallen from ongoing conflicts. Federal law prohibits the construction of this Memorial in Washington, D.C. until 10 years after an official end date to the War. The states of Kansas and Missouri have a strong military presence, and each being centrally located in the United States provides easier access to the Memorial from all 50 states. Once completed, it should be dedicated to the living surviving families as a gift from a grateful nation and community.

Build it NOW – Kansas City! – underscores the urgency of gathering a team of patriotic Americans, a team of Champions from the Kansas City metropolitan area joining forces to make sure this Memorial is designed, funded, and built. The World War II Memorial took a mere 59 years to build after the war was declared over. Let us not make that same mistake. Building this Memorial NOW is the right thing to do and the heartland of America is the best location for it.
The total estimated cost to build the Memorial is $45 million. The economic impact from this project to Kansas City, Kansas is projected at $10-12 million annually. Kansas City will be the only regional area outside of Washington, D.C. to have two National Memorials.

Build it NOW – Kansas City!

For more information about the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation and how you can support the building of the National Memorial – call 855-647-3411, extension 06.