How Can I get my Fallen Warrior on the AFWMF website?

Our AFWMF Volunteers are collecting Fallen Warrior data and pictures via many sources and are adding them to our website by year. This is a very time consuming process and is taking time due to limited volunteers. However if you want your Fallen Warrior added sooner please complete our petition. Petitioned Warriors are added shortly after their petition is received and reviewed. If there is a question about the petition, this process could take longer. Petition link 

Why isn't My Fallen Warrior on the AFWMF website?

The AFWMF Fallen Warrior Gallery is a work in progress. Our volunteers are working to get every Fallen Warrior added as soon as possible.

Who will be included on the Memorial?

While the AFWMF honors all men and women who serve our country the American Fallen Warrior memorial specifically honors those who have lost their lives during the War on Terror, from the Gulf War to present date. Only deaths during that time frame will be honored with memorial photo plaques. The AFWMF has a policy as to who can be placed on the memorial walls. Memorial Placement Policy

Why do I need to complete a petition?

Petitions help us identify the Gold Star Family members that we can contact when we get to the picture acquisition phase. Each Fallen Warrior will have an 8×10 plaque with a photo. The specific requirement for the photo will be given to the family during this phase. We also use the petition to verify eligibility.

How can I volunteer?

Fill out our Volunteer application . We will contact you with available opportunities.

Is there a charge to be included on the Memorial?

There is no charge for a Fallen Warrior to be included on the memorial. The Memorial plaques will be paid for via fundraising and sponsorship.

Why the State of Kansas?

We feel the state of Kansas offers much in the way of supporting our Fallen Warriors and being centrally located in the US for easier access to the memorial on a national level.

When will the memorial be completed?

The expected ribbon cutting date is scheduled for 9/11/2017 however that date can change depending on factors relating to fundraising and the actual construction time.

How do we get our Fallen Warrior's picture on a memorial plaque?

Pictures will be collected from public source and/or form the Gold Star Family members. Completing a Petition for Memorial Placement will assist us in finding the appropriate family member who can provide us with a picture.

What if there is no picture available?

In the event that there is not a picture available, a plaque bearing the name, rank, date of birth and KIA date will be put up to honor the Fallen Warrior.