The Foundation

The AFWMF was founded in 2011 and is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, with the goal of building a Memorial to honor our Fallen Warriors from the Gulf War to present date. The secondary goal of  AFWMF is educating America’s youth about the sacrifices being made for our freedoms. The goals of the AFWMF will be accomplished with the help of Patriotic Americans joining forces to make sure this memorial is completed and that our Fallen Warriors have a suitable and sacred place of remembrance and honor.


This Memorial and project are dedicated to America’s Fallen Warriors;
the unselfish men and women of our armed forces who with honor and valor sacrifice their lives for our freedom, liberty and for the American Tradition
In reverent honor of their sacrifice, may this Memorial serve as a sacred remembrance to all Americans that what is worth dying for is also worth living for.
With sincere gratitude,
A Grateful Nation

Mission Statement

The mission of the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation is to honor, preserve and protect the legacies of all Fallen Warriors who have given their lives in the Gulf War to present date. We will do this by building a memorial that will contain photo plaques displaying the faces of every serviceman or woman who has given his or her life in the service of defending and protecting our country, including combat related PTSD/Suicides.

Our secondary mission is to educate the children of a Grateful Nation about the sacrifices being made to protect our freedoms. Educating our youth is essential to ensuring that their sacrifice will not be forgotten. We believe that we must preserve the legacies of these brave men and women and teach the value of remembering their sacrifices.