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Or, mail donations to:

KU Credit Union
3400 W. 6th Street
Lawrence, KS 66049-3215

Reference number on check/document
(785) 749-2224



The “MyThankYouCoins” campaign was developed to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the memorial by giving what he or she can afford. Every coin counts when building a memorial of this magnitude. The “MyThankYouCoins” campaign symbolizes the challenge coin and reminds us of the challenge we have ahead and of the commitment made to the families of our Fallen Warriors.”MyThankYouCoins” will be used to purchase a brick or tile that will be placed in a premium section on the memorial and recognize your school/organization’s gratitude for our Fallen Warriors. Our duty as a Nation is to provide hope, healing and to preserve their legacies.


Challenge Coin

The highest sacrifice of excellence one can make is laying downs ones life in service of country and fellow countrymen. In the military one of the ways excellence is symbolized by challenge coins.

The history of the challenge coin can trace back to World War II. Servicemen leave for battle with a coin from home in their pocket and keep it after the conflict as a memory of their wartime experiences

The challenge coin is typically carried at all times, and is awarded for excellence as gifts to dignitaries or civilian VIPs.